The Summer Dance…

•July 25, 2014 • 2 Comments


One day while on a quiet walk
Along a tiny path i found
A place to sit and ponder on
Nature dancing all around..
It was plain as day to see
Summer was changing face
Like whispers on the summer wind
The season was loosing grace..
though it was just “little things”
that time seemed to enhance
I took my time -making time
Just to watch summer dance..
Soon the leaves will start to turn
And Autumn will begin to change
this season that i love so much
( Autumn loves to re-arrange).
So if you have time – to take some time
enjoy summer, (she’s still here)
and enjoy her while she’s dancing
soon she’ll leave us for a  year…

Life on a Farm…

•July 19, 2014 • 3 Comments


High on a hill sits a old rugged barn
(All that’s left of  An  old family farm)
with no heart to sell or tear it’s walls down
the family all voted to keep it around
No tractor is plowing,no cows in the fields
land sitting idle, where crops brought in yields
I go there to sit, on the hill cross the way
to look at the old barn that still stands today.
I picture the children, at play on the farm
Helping their father put hay in that barn..
i picture a woman with  canning jars full
harvesting  her garden,warming her soul.
I picture the house, that fell to the ground
and wonder what happened how it fell down
with  memories tucked in her walls and floors
with all the times going in and out her doors
I’m sure it was sad when it fell to the ground
she took a lot with her when she went down
now A Barn sad and lonesome sits on that hill
holding on to  the Memories now silent and still..
of laughter and work,and all of the charm
that make up the memories of life on a farm..


A Farmers Wife…

•July 17, 2014 • 2 Comments

She didn’t set out to live her life
on a farm ( a farmer’s wife)
It’s just what happened, how it went down
A life spent planting , seeds in the ground.
At first her “City” self said no
She didn’t want to reap and sow.
She hated the smells and the hours it took
Seeing life on a farm as work,work,work.
It took her awhile but she came to see
She was right where she wanted to be..
From fresh eggs to gardens she loved them all
The new baby cows and the harvest in fall.
Somehow she grew into her life
Happy to be a Farmers Wife…


top  Photo by Cheryl. Poem by connetta

Goodbye Old House..

•July 12, 2014 • 2 Comments


Goodbye  old house, you’ve been a friend

But  Our time together, has come to a end

For 22 years, you’ve seen children grown

their time and laughter will stay in this home.

You kept us safe and you kept us warm

Four Grand Sons, you saw born..

they laughed and played, felt safe in your walls

running and jumping on steps in the halls..

For 22 summers and winters you’ve been

where Grandma and grandpa, spent their time with them.

22 years it seems a long time ago

so quickly they passed by, ( where did time go?)

But it was never a house of our own

we  just rented, the house we called home.

Now it’s come time, for a new place to stay

and where we are going, seems so far away.

But we will remember this house and her walls

and all the neighbors and friends who made calls..

It wasn’t a “great house”, nothing fancy by means

Just a shell of a old house, that held all our dreams..

To say i won’t miss her, would be a big lie

She holds lots of memories, of time passing by.

I leave her feeling thankful,for the years that I’ve been

walking through her doors, glad to be home again.

And if we’re lucky, we’ll be just as safe and secure,

In the new house we’ll call home, just like we did her.

So goodbye old house, remember us well

We’ve started new ventures, new stories to tell.

but you’ll always be part of, our lives till the end

you’ve been a blessing, a good trusted friend.


In memory of our home we moved out of  a month ago today….goodbye old house.

(You’ve got a) WORKING MAN

•July 7, 2014 • Leave a Comment

You stood by me for better or worse
You loved my troubles away
I told you Darling everything
Was gonna turn out okay
One thing this work aholic needs
Is working hard when ever he can
We may have been down but we’re coming around
Baby, you’ve got a working man.
Darling you got a working man.
The time to get going’s when the going gets tough
Gotta make it the best way we can
What goes around comes back around.
And Darling you’ve got a working man.
You’ve got a working man.
We’ve been down on luck before
What’s one more time again
Starting from scratch ain’t no scratch off our backs
Cause Baby you’ve got a working man…
Yes you got a working man.


•June 29, 2014 • 2 Comments


The old cabin sits
nearly hidden
high on a Ridge
overlooking a lake..
there are no roads
only paths
made by deer
and a woman
called Katiedid.
they say
she left home
30 years ago
wouldn’t go back..
lived off the streets.
her grandma Lydia
died in this cabin.
in Late Autumn
Katiedid can be seen
walking from town
carring a blanket
a frying pan
a fishng pole
and suitecase..
throughout the summer
i’m told she prefers
to sleep beneith
the 6th street bridge.
Once winter sets in
smoke will be seen
from across the lake.
if you get close enough
you can smell
fresh fish frying
and sassifrass tea…
strangers leave
fine cloths
fresh fruit
milk and bread
on sunday mornings…
with notes
inviting her
to church..
as she hides
in the attic…

The Volunteer…

•June 27, 2014 • 1 Comment

She was a volunteer  from last year
Survived  A bitter winter’s cold
she grew tall, (12 feet in all)
Bee’s  treated her like gold.
If all goes well, ( one can never tell
what Father time might have in store.)..
she’ll hang real  low  with seeds in tow.
and have a  hunderded kids or more..
Some the birds will beat me to
others i’ll save in a jar..
but when winter gives way to spring
Volunteer’s will show me where they are…
For now she shines benieth the sun
Petals blowing in a early Autumn wind..
She’s the part of summer days
i wish would never end…

Poetry and poem by connetta jean



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