Short poems

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(night moves)..

clear nights

when moon shines bright

the animals night run

fox deer possum coon rabbits cats

run free…..



surround us all

A  special gift from God.

they protect,heal and guide our souls







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How hard can it be

to find poetic rhythem

not rhyming a word?


(Solar lights…)

Such a simple task

sitting all day in sun

collecting sunshine?


Who am i to put

words on paper for strangers

to read,laugh and cry?


Where do they  come from

little bubbles of thought

we call poetry?


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the air has chill

December has arrived

winter is boldly moving in

for now

The poet

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His words

touched me places

words sit silent waiting

deep down where the urge demands me

to write

Night fall

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Just before darkness

Fireflies rise from the ground

As moon flowers bloom

solar lights turn on

Birds in trees are chattering

daytime bids farewell

Short poems..

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A  rain crow announced

The coming of a rain storm

I trust his warning……


The red hawk circles

The young rabbit in the field

ready for supper..


went to store for ice

bought a lot of groceries

everything but ice….


The small buck stood still

at the edge of a back road

his antlers velvet…


the tiny crystal

in the window makes rainbows

catching morning light


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It is


to ignore the power

of words that demand to be


I tried

to turn them off

begging them go away

but the power of words will win