‘Somersaults With Life’, by R. Soos

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I love it when a book or idea, inspires me to try something different and new.
Last year an old friend sent me his book, Somersaults With Life.
Until I read this book, I had no desire to read, much less write Haiku.
His book opened my mind and heart, I fell in love with 5-7-5.
Anyone that writes or likes Haiku, will enjoy this 152 pages of heavenly Haiku.
With well over 500 poems all in the lovely Haiku form, concerning everyday life and joys.

Look for  ‘Somersaults With Life’ at Amazon.com

Or on his blog, soospoems@blogspot.com

written for Connetta, [p.c. problems]

‘Somersaults With Life’ by R. Soos

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The picture painted
a thousand words but the rules
are five seven five.

Connetta 1/17


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What good would spring be
Without winter spent longing
For her time to come

Writing poetry

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Pencil and paper
Wait for words to be written
Such lackeys they are


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Bright sun in the sky
Was you sent this summer Day
To dry all the rain


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Snow makes not a sound
As it falls in huge clusters
All one of a kind

Night Sky

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Stars twinkle above
This clear stary autumn night
Of moon bright and full


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Old shovel hidden
Behind rake and snow blower
Your snow has arrived


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A small bit of faith
Is like the first drops of rain
That fills a bucket