‘Somersaults With Life’, by R. Soos

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I love it when a book or idea, inspires me to try something different and new.
Last year an old friend sent me his book, Somersaults With Life.
Until I read this book, I had no desire to read, much less write Haiku.
His book opened my mind and heart, I fell in love with 5-7-5.
Anyone that writes or likes Haiku, will enjoy this 152 pages of poetry
With well over 500 poems all in Haiku form, concerning everyday life

Look for  ‘Somersaults With Life’ along with other books he’s written at Amazon.com

Or his blog, soospoems@blogspot.com


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The picture painted
a thousand words but the rules
are five seven five.

Connetta 1/17


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Down by the water

black frogs wait in frozen mud

For first signs of spring


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Cold winter rain falls

From dark  skies empty of sun

this day full of grey


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Seasons paint pictures

Speaking words left unspoken

For poets to find


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Winter moved right  in

Autumn just left and spring is

A long time away


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A winter warm day

Feels good on cold weatherd skin

If just for one  day


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Seasons are changing

Autumn  done her dance  falling

Now  winter caught time


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Sky is a cold blue
No sun to be found this day
Of early winter