The Call….



Met up with a old friend
at the corner of fifth and main
i was waiting for a light to turn
he was standing in the pourin’ rain.
He seemed a little startled
when i called out his name.
but when he saw it was a old friend
his face lost all it’s pain.

As we drove back to his place
we talked thirty years of time
said his son was killed in combat
buried near the Morgan county line
and the job he had for 30 years
pulled out in 2004
when he said thanks for the ride
i saw a shelter door.

Mr. how come some get lucky                       
when others lose it all?
Is it up to you Sir                                            chorus:
are you the one makin’ that call?               
cause if you are i’m beggin
i’m prayin loud and clear
with all my faith i’m askin’
let it end right here.

now, they say it will take years
to rebuild what’s been torn down.
but what about the sacrifice
being made on american ground?
who will rebuild our country
and put back what we all lost
it goes beyond the billions
their saying it will cost.

Mr. how come some get lucky
while others lose it all?
is it up to you Sir
are you the one makin’that call?
cause if you are i’m beggin
i’m praying loud and clear
i got a son it the reserves
and he’s up for call next year…

Repeat chorus
all Poems and lyrics posted by me was written by me..Connetta Jean

~ by connetta on September 17, 2007.

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