Joy within the ruins…


as i stood
on the front pourch
looking in the window…
I felt the strength
of a strong
it’s beauty
in the midst
of ruins
said many things..
vines from
ancient gradens
climbed the walls
that once
was warm and dry…
by rain and wind…
Her windows
could not hide
the love she held…
the laughter
and tears
of a family
that called
her home…
standing there
i felt not sadness
but joy.

 picture a poem..

~ by connetta on September 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Joy within the ruins…”

  1. Walden,
    Poems come to me, i write them down…All my poems are different. hope you take time to read though them all, to see if i can please you better than this one.. I have 150 of them on my flickr site plus 45+ lyrics…there’s a link on my blogrool thingie…

  2. I like the idea for this poem but I think you should include some more details and expand on it. Also I think that you might reconsider the short line breaks and do away with the ellipses. Keep writing!

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