Little Things…


“Summer is leaving” the little one said
“we’ll soon  turn the clocks back ,I’ll be early to bed”
I watched as he held his head in his hands
and I knew one so small, seldom understands…

” yes, summer is fading,” I said with a smile
“but all seasons last, just a little short  while”
“we’ll have  loads of fun, just wait and see
and You can stay up late on weekends with me”

“But what about winter, Grandma?” he cried
” I can’t ride my bike,when there’s snow outside”
“it will be all cold and I really don’t like
staying inside and parking my bike”…

“But there will be snowmen & snow forts to make”
I said with a grin,as i watched his head shake…
“In winter what we ride isn’t bikes it’s a sled
and we have the fastest one out in the shed….”

As he went back outside to play on his bike
I thought of his Dad who was once a small tyke..
He too loved summer and dreaded the day
when summer was over and he  couldn’t play…

But I know he loves watching snowmen melt in the sun..
He’ll soon be sleigh riding, and having more fun,
Instead of rocks he’ll be throwing snowballs
and He’ll love watching the snow when it falls…

He’ll be over on weekends, staying up late as he can
And I’ll spoil him rotten, (he’s my little man.)
but there is one thing, that makes me feel sad
he’ll grow up too quickly, just like his dad.

  picture & poem by connetta    

~ by connetta on October 6, 2007.

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