The Power of The Pen…


There was a time
when i loved
the mail man.
Much in the way
I now love
my computor.
the mail man
was my link
to people
who waited
to read
what i had written…
family and friends
had long before
stoped pretending.
(they didn’t understand.)
the point of poetry
to them
“was pointless.”
waisted time.
yet the power
of the pen
can not
be turned down
or ignored.

Picture and poem by Connetta Jean

~ by connetta on October 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Power of The Pen…”

  1. 94 stranger…
    wow.. I love your poem..

  2. In her tags are angels
    and God growing old

    In her tags are children
    and raindrops rhyming

    old hope
    leaves pictures
    with poem prayers

    roads of sadness
    full of sky and snow

    In her song, still
    looks in through all her windows

    plays tag with poem words

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