High on a hill
overlooking a pond..
the middle aged woman sits
looking out her windows.
time has found her
wheelchair bound.
she walks no more.
(Her anger can not be hidden)
She pays her help
6o dollars a day
for 12 hour shifts.
to care for her needs
& to listen to her cry..
Her one good hand
holds 9 diamonds.
7 gold bracelets
rest upon her arm..
she talks about cutting back
on food and electric,
that she can’t afford
the bottled water
and baked potatoes
she feeds the help.
Swears she’s hurting
just as bad
as everyone else.
She beats the table
cursing loud.
as the caregiver calls
the local flower shop
to order her weeky
fresh flowers.
Says shes worried
about her daughter
(the nurse)
and how she’ll ever make it
working for 24.oo a hour
12 hour shifts..
time and a half after 8..
double time on Holidays..
(she’s building a new house you know)
she curses the other workers
when their not there.
doesn’t pay overtime.
No vacations or Sick pay
holidays are straight time.
she wishes she was dead
& wonders why all the girls
she hires seem to quit
without calling to say goodbye…

~ by connetta on October 9, 2007.

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