Summers departure..


Up on a ridge
there is a road
that called to me
(”come see…come see”)..
on good sky days
the little road
seems to meet the sky…
It’s therapy i guess,
so they say anyway….
to walk and drink in
Natures gifts.
walking alone
i can  hear Autumn
chatting with summer
like she’s a friend..
all the while
making plans
to leave summer behind
and join old man winter..
she’ll  paint him pictures…
And  Autumns  pictures paint
a thousand thoughts..
when summer starts fading
rest assured
Autumn’s somewhere.

She’s In between days
where summer fades
and Nature whispers .
she writes Poetry
with white clouds..
on blue skies
for winter to find.
Autumn will try her best
to linger with Winter..
as long as she can..

picture & poem by connetta

~ by connetta on October 13, 2007.

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