The Message…


Walkin around the old house
i found a  open window .
( her doors was bolted shut).
a feeling of guilt
overcame me
as i took 1 picture..
I used no flash..
i was capturing the light
from the other side..
and  liked the darkness
within this space…
when i got home
i lightened the picture
And  saw the Bible
laying among the ruins..
it almost frightened me..
I felt a shock.
of all things to be
among dust and ruins
within the trash.
Animals have been  there
and crawled around
the filthy floors…
i did not expect
to find
a Bible there…
a broken sliver
of glass
pointed to it..
Now this picture
seems to haunt me
brings me back
again and again…
searching for
a message..

poem and picture by Connetta jean.

~ by connetta on October 13, 2007.

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