Mom’s Poem..


I used to take for granted that
i had a Mother i could call
anytime day or night
about anything at all.
she listend to my problems
she listend to my dreams
she believed in me so much
about so many things.

now she’s gone and  i miss
the little things the most
like dropping by the house because
she’s made her special roast.
i miss her bringing soup to me
when i was feeling blue
i miss sharring starts of flowers
i miss her friendship too.
i miss her voice and knowing that
she wouldn’t lie to me
even if what she had to say
wasn’t what i wanted it to be.
i miss her more than i could say
with words,it broke my heart
if your mom is still alive
cherish every day you’ve got.

picture and poem by connetta.

This is the actual graveyard my mother is burried in..

~ by connetta on October 14, 2007.

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