No Comment???


While sitting on a hill
in October shadows..
overlooking a pond
in early morning .
I asked myself
why do i let
poetry upset me?
It follows me you know
(everywhere i go)
And the light on this pond
has sturred me so…
I’d like to know.
If people actually read
these written words..
Or do their eyes
hunger for pictures.
escaping anouther
boring poem.
I find it quite rude
to visit ones soul
and not comment….

picture and poem by connetta jean..

~ by connetta on October 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “No Comment???”

  1. I have just found your blog and I like this poem very much. It captures something that not just poets but perhaps bloggers of all descriptions feel. Is anyone engaged with what I am saying, who are they and what are they thinking? This is especially acute when you are generously sharing something as personal as poetry.

    I am a fairly new blogger but so far the process seems to work best for me when I remember that I am pleasing myself first. It is my place and if people comment then that is a gold. That is a bonus.

    Sorry for the essay. It’s just something I have been thinking about myself.

  2. thanks prospectus, i always wonder though if people actually read the poems or not…

  3. I think more people read the words than you might think! No doubt the pictures are an attraction too though. Perhaps people aren’t sure what to say.

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