Road Rage????


Today I thought I’d make a list
of things about driving that gets me ticked
Like people who refuse to turn
right on red it makes me burn.
I don’t like cars that get right on my ass
with bright headlights but will not pass.
and I don’t like horns that blow down the street
waking me up when I need my sleep.
I’ve had cars pull out , right in front of me
when I’m the only car on the road that I see
then they make a turn right up the road
or I get behind someone driving real slow.
Now If i seem to appear to you
like i’m too picky ( have some road rage too)
maybe you’re just one of “Them”
and can’t construe my mayhem.
(but then again)
I must admit I too have been
that driver on the other end.
I’ve been givin the finger & got on my toes
when the light is green & a loud horn blows
I’ve had cars flash bright lights at me.
cause my lights were bright “they” couldn’t see.
I don’t know about you friend but I have decided
when I’m out driving I won’t get excited.
I’ll watch out for you , please watch out for me.
we’re in this together, it’s the best way to be….

all poems/lyrics posted by me was written by me..connetta jean

~ by connetta on October 23, 2007.

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