A Moment Of Peace…


Soon the trees
will be outlined
in White
and the lake
will sit frozen.. …
so peaceful it was
before the ice storms
before the snow plows
before the fish stop  jumping…
Today I gave thanks
for this quiet place
so close
to home.

~ by connetta on November 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Moment Of Peace…”

  1. Connie,
    I just saw your response – it’s past 2.00 a.m here, but I wanted to at least drop by and say thank you for sharing in this way. I should know by now, but it still comes as a shock sometimes – from seemingly nothing out of the ordinary comes a sudden plunge into unexpected depths.
    As regards the picture, I’m not sure where I’m at with that, as I said – I need to leave it time to settle. Anyhow, a big, big thank you!

  2. 94,
    what a beautiful comment…thank you my friend…this place is special to me…I will share something about this place with you…
    back in July 2004 I’d lost my mother…she told us with the last words she spoke that she loved us and to look for white feathers..i was her mother’s ( my grandmas) caregiver..and had all the responasbitlity no one would help me…i hired girls, but one weekend soon after mom died, a girl called off and i ended up at Grandmas for 33 hours straight.I was soo tired….when hubby picked me up, i told him to take me to this place…so i could relax. i was angry at my mom, telling her once i got alone that it wasn’t fair, i’d taken care of grandma alone for several years without help from mom or anyone..no one. i did it all. .& i was real mad. Also when we first got there we saw a huge white crane fly into the trees…..and I thought” maybe i’ll find feathers” ..i looked and looked. not even old black ones could i find. not 1 feather..i turned to walk back to the car. and saw 3 feathers..laid out nice and fresh in a row.. ( it had been rainingbut they was dry), the sun was shinning down on them…one was smaller than the others. i at first thought of my 2 sisters & me, one of my sisters is my kids’s age…BUT, 2 1/2 weeks later on Sept 3rd. grandma died..i’ve never found a fether there since..or seen that white crane..and the weekend i found the feathers was 3 weeks after mom had died…( they died around 6 weeks apart)
    if you truly love this picture go to my flickr site and download it large & frame it..my present to you..

  3. Connie, I really love this photo – it has so much soul. Part of me wants to analyse it – to find out why so little creates so much feeling; another part wants to keep my mind out of it and – maybe not even stare and stare at it, but just to carry away that first feeling and keep it inside me – and somehow the poem also feeds into it, because it enables us faraway people to see the scene with your eyes and your feelings.

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