The Rusty Weatherd Gate…

478303916_b2b46bc3971Down a quiet, peaceful, country road
On April’s early side of Spring..
I saw a sign of yesterday
( it was the strangest thing)
high upon a hill, quiet and still
Stood  a weathered rusted find..
with steps hiding benieth the grass
that spoke of another time..
once a house now gone had seen
loved ones open up that gate to Home….
a welcome sight to family
Still standing all alone…
it made me smile, if just awhile
As it boldly seemed to say
“they may have gone but i linger on
Open me once more today”

~ by connetta on April 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Rusty Weatherd Gate…”

  1. You see and speak through your heart..your words and images tell us so.
    I am never disappointed when I come here to look and listen through my heart.

    Thank you for sharing your world and for BEing.

  2. Beautiful,the gate still speaks. c

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