A Turtle Named Spike…

Turtle 007

One late  July morning, My Grandson and me

Took a walk in the woods to see what we’d see..

Down near a stream by a rock on our way

Sat a small snapping turtle, (the light of our day…)

“grandma” he cried out, Like i didn’t see..

“there’s a old turtle”, as dead as can be..

He hasn’t a head or a tail and no feet..

can i keep the shell, it looks really neat?”

I told him the  Turtle was hidding within

His shell and once  we left, he’d come out again…

But being a boy, he was just like his Dad…

and he wanted it for a pet really bad…

Seeing the look on his face, i couldn’t say NO..

so i picked up the turtle and off we did go…

Once back at the house, after we had a drink..

He said “Grandma, Spike, is a good name don’t ya think?”

we waited and waited, for him to poke out his head

But he just stayed inside ,his shell playing dead..

When i went inside to rest for awhile..

I heard a loud voice say” Grandma come now!”

that turtle was out and he was in a full run..

up towards the woods, where we’d  brought him from…

Turtle 2 003

Now i always heard that a turtle is slow

but old spike he ran from us like a pro..

I told my Grandson, to let him alone.

he had a family and was needed at home.

we followed the turtle till it got to the woods path

and what he did then, still makes us both laugh.

He came to a stop  as if saying goodybe..

and tilted his head, looked us both in the eye..

then into the woods, he went on his way

like he knew he was the light of our day..


Turtle 017

“Grandma  I think he liked us” My little Man  said

“But he didn’t fool YOU when he tried playing dead…”

Then with a smile on his face, and his hand in mine..

We went back to the house , saying we had a great time.

And I told him i wouldn’t be surprised to someday

See Old spike come to visit, now that he knows the way…..

Turtle 2 008


Turtle 013

~ by connetta on July 21, 2008.

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