Peaceful Jewels…


As I sat benieth a Autumn tree
Before the leaves began their fall
I watched as shadows  slowly danced
on Natures Mirror for us all..
The sky was blue, peeking through
as the sun began it’s slow decline
and i heard a whisper in the wind
that spoke of Summertime…
I watched the sun burt through white clouds
like a diamond it did shine…
as if a star was there for me to see
( to find within the light of time…)
I thanked the Lord for blessing me
with the time for which to see
that nothing can change, the ‘little things”
Seasons give us all for free.
With the way this world it’s going
It’s past time for us to find
Believers who will 2 by 2
Agree that Peace On Earth we’ll find..
For when more believe  in something
then that something we will find..
and peace can be reality
and like a diamond it will shine…

~ by connetta on October 11, 2008.

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