Natures Art….

I wish that i ‘d been born to be
as perfect as Mother Nature can be.
With everything within it’s place
And nothing scattered about in haste.
Her pictures paint a thousand words
and she talks to animals and birds.
Her Seasons change ( she’s never late)
Though she leaves everything to fate.
Her smiles are seen everywhere
(just look around and find them there.)
on evening sunsets, mornings at dawn
On raimbows oh i could go on and on.
She loves Old man Winter ( Jack Frost too)
and helps them sparkle in the morning dew..
She takes rides upon a breeze of wind
Never doubt, she is your friend.
from every corner of this Earth
Mother Nature shows her worth..
who could not notice just like me
there’s aways something new to see.
winter summer spring and fall
Mother Natures Art is the  best of all….

all poems and pictures on this site are by Connnetta Jean

~ by connetta on November 2, 2008.

One Response to “Natures Art….”

  1. Amazing!!!!!!!!!! :):)

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