A Little Boy’s Prayer….


“When is the war going to end”
he asked shaking his little head…
and I told that I didn’t know
as i tucked him into bed….
“but Daddys been gone so long”
he said with blue eyes looking sad..
so i sat awhile and told him how
to talk to God about his Dad…..
He bowed his little head and said
“God,Im trusting that mom is right
and you hear every prayer that’s said
cause i got a special one tonight…
please look over daddy and
keep him safe and bring him home…
mom and me we miss him Lord
we feel so all alone..
“I  know i’m just a little kid
and you got others praying too
but just in case you really hear my prayers
i want mine to to get to You.”
He seemed to pause as if in thought
then he bowed his head again
and said “me and my mommy know that You”
“Can Bring Dad Home to us”…Amen”
As he feel alseep i watched
him sleep,  like i so often do..
and took the time to talk to God
Asking for a Blessing too…
I asked the Lord, with all my faith
to make my sons eyes laugh again.
and know his dad is safely home
to hug and love Amen…….

poetry and picture by Connetta Jean

poetry and picture by Connetta Jean

~ by connetta on November 3, 2008.

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