Cattail Road…

There’s a place up on the hill top,on a back road
with cat tails growing in water colored rust..
No houses for miles, just cattails
that we was leaving in a cloud of dust..
Now there’s a man named Silas
he lived on a road off to the right…
high upon anouther lonesome hill top
Silas often prayed benieth moon light.
His job was gone and he felt lost
didn’t know where to turn or what to do
then a thought came ‘Go get some cat tails
and trust a blessing will shine through..’
well Tommy woke up early and
by the time the sun went down..
he had 80 nice sized bundels..
And he he took them into town.
Well, the story it goes on and on
just like a fairy tale of old..
He worked hard and made of lot
(them cat tales was like gold)
He didn’t have one single thing
he knew to do but pray….
every blessings answerd different
Cat tales was his that day..

~ by connetta on November 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cattail Road…”

  1. Gypsy..
    I grew ip a tom boy raised up between a Bait Store and Army Grandfathers was a major sportsman..he hunting – fishing- camping- trapping..he did it all, plus made his money from selling bait to his friends…He used to take cattails and did them in gasoiline and later at night light them for us kids ..while he was was cattails..

  2. I love the words and your photo, Connetta! You are a poet and a story teller!

    I am very fond of cattails. They are on the shore here just beyond the bulkhead, and my dock runs through them. I love to hear them in the wind, and so many creatures hide among them. I have a big sign beyond them across the dock with large letters that says “please do not spray here.” The state has air boats come in and spray to keep the weeds down. Can you imagine if they sprayed those cattails!! They are green again..and grow a little each day. Soon the cattails will appear.

    Blessings to you!

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