Our time here is over
baby we’re done
this fighting and surviving
ain’t in any way fun..
I’m going back Home
to to the old home stead..
got 2 good hands
& baby I ain’t dead..
Gonna take that old house
and bring it  back to life…
this life i’m livin’s
cutting me like a knife….
Want to get back to growing
my own food to eat…
county road living
beats any city street..
Just like the Waltons Baby
we can survive…
that old homestead
can keep us alive…
theres a fireplace
and a big old spring…
all the water we can use
and it won’t cost a thing…
i’ll buy some chickens
and old milk cow…
I’m fixing up that old homestead
and doing it right  now..
say what ya want
do what ya will
but here is plan Honey
this is the deal…
I’m going back to the country
and doing my thing…
where I’m on my own
and the phones don’t ring..
stay  if you want baby
that’s up to you
we all gotta do
what we gotta do…
the windows open
and it’s mine to take
staying here i’m digging
my own grave…..

connetta jean…


~ by connetta on December 1, 2008.

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