2 White Feathers


Some of you already know that, When my Mother died in 2004 she told us to look for white feathers…Last weekend after working 40 hours through Easter at a “new” job..( plus doing my regular 20 hours at a job i’ve done 14 years and packing to move after 22 years living in a big old house)..) .I was feeling extra stressed out and tired. I awoke near the end of my shift and picked up the blanket i’d been sleeping under on the couch…there where my shoulders had been laying all night ..was 2 white feathers. one was small….i rememberd the frst time i found feathers..i’d been working 33 hours taking care of grandma. Angry about having to do it alone. and mad cause Mom had died a few weeks before…i was really feeling down, more tired than mad at everyone for not taking a turn with her….When a girl i hired came to let me leave..my hubby picked me up he asked what i wanted to do and i said i wanted to go to the old lake we often went to not far away…when i first arrived i saw a huge White Crane..and thought ” how strage it’s all white, never seen one all white before..” then i thought maybe i’d find some white feathers..i looked everywhere. not even a old black duck feather..nothing..so i walked down a little narrow island like path…and looked there too..nothing..i turned to leave and saw 3 white fluffy feathers in a row..A sun Ray was shining on them. and it had been raining all day but they was all dry glowing in the light right in a row, all fluffy…..one feather was smaller than the other, the other two was both the same size..small one on the end.. My thought was Mom was saying she had 3 daughters 2 older and one half our age. that she was saying she loved us….and knew our grief…but 2 1/2 weeks later Grandma died..( six weeks after Mom)..i can’t help but believe that the 3 feathers ment 2 weeks and a short week and it will be over..
hopefully she’s telling me something good this time…It’s funny how the feathers appear in strange ways…If you don’t believe, and think i’m silly that’s okay…but in my heart she’s sent me a message Easter weekend…I just got to figure out what shes saying…

~ by connetta on December 14, 2008.

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