Sparkles of Peace…



Home is a place
outside of town…
where early morning fog
creeps up from the fields
and the world seems to end
just beyound the fence…
There A woman named Daisy
lives in a yellow house
surrounded by
fields of farmland…
Often she sits within
the early morning light
holding her cat named Lucy… ..
With her grey hair wrapped
in a bun on her head
and a cane at her side..
she sips green tea
in her night cloths
and remembers…
time spent farming..
laughing and crying…..
working hard
to build a life
surrounded by love..
making a house
feel like a home.
she wonders
where did time go????
Old memories seem
to dance in the fog
as she smiles.
The sparkle of peace
in her eyes



~ by connetta on January 1, 2009.

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