Keeping Distance….


The old house
tucked away in time..
seemed to be
trying to hide.
I did not invade
her space this day….
maybe it was
nervous thoughts
of  Rats and mice
(and things not so nice)
that kept me
keeping my distance..
i have come to trust
my first impressions…
the sky promiced snow,
as i sat upon  the huge log
with my camera.
i could see
small animals
looking out windows…
watching me
as if checking to see
what i was doing…
Dodging  my harmless
Just missed shots…
Birds cried out
from  the trees
as if awaiting 
my departure..
They say a old man
who lives by the county line
brings them cracked corn
and scraps on Sundays… ……
Connetta Jean

~ by connetta on January 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Keeping Distance….”

  1. Nice. I was seeing in my mind what you were describing. Very nice. And I would have left them alone, too.

  2. Connie
    you and magical places seem to be drawn to each other – then you let the world in through the eye of your camera. I get the feeling your poetry is like my drawing – let’s call it ‘sweet naive’ – anyhow, absolutely charming, in the way small children can be. To test this theory of similarity, hit this link and tell me what you think?
    all my best

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