A Farmers Poem…..



“I don’t like Poetry”
Said the husband to the wife..
“I’ve no time for such things
I live a Farmers life”
But the wife said “dear husband”
“you live a poets poem’
do you not reap the harvest
of seeds by which you’ve sown?
I’ve seen you bow your head in thanks
when God answered prayers for rain
i’ve seen your eyes shine with pride
with every baby calf you name”
” I guess poetrys okay” he said
as he kissed that farmers wife
and silently he thanked the Lord
she saw poetry in their life….


 connetta jean….

~ by connetta on January 12, 2009.

12 Responses to “A Farmers Poem…..”

  1. that was very funny i will give you 5/5 for your pome

  2. I love this poem. It says so much in a few words. It reminds me of one of my favorites…
    So much depends
    Upon a red wheelbarrow
    Glazed with rainwater,
    Beside the white chickens.

  3. A very nice way to end the week. Thank you.

  4. I grew up in flatland farm country firmly embedded in farm culture and always found farmers to be wonderful, caring people. Keep up the good work. The nice part about poetry is that you write to amuse or please or sooth yourself. So, you’re work is always appreciated whether your audience is one or 10 million.

  5. May we use this poem in a story we’re doing about farmers’ spouoses? (with credit) Steve McClure, Daily Journal Newspaper, Franklin, Indiana?

  6. Wonderful. This poem gave me goosebumps. Beautiful tribute to a farmer and his life.

  7. Beautiful, love it!

  8. wonderful. so simple. so deep. indeed pure poetry. one of the best poem about poetry i have been reading.

  9. You know I love it,it is my life,good one ,,,c

  10. i like how your creativity blossoms with a surprise

  11. sigh . . . could it all be that simple

    very nice


  12. Well done!



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