Memories at 56..09


I see myself
twenty years from now
telling great Grandchildren
about a depression
so like my own granparents
before me.
Why, tell me why
was i chosen
to be here now?
I saw Vietnam.
I remember.
People who thought
i was strange
for believing…..
A Black man can
be the President too..
I remember
when gasoline was so cheap
nobody stold it..
I remember the Beatles
and the first man on the moon..
I remember
when poetry rhymed..
i remember.
what’s hard to believe
is some of us
remember more.
There will be good times
(and bad times)
in the short years
that will soon
be tomorrows History…
I look around me now and feel
A Fear of Desperation
a time of change
and long unemployment lines.
seeing this I wonder

poetry by Connetta jean
photo by terri jean photography..

~ by connetta on January 12, 2009.

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