the Shinning


There’s a Church on a hill
and she shines…oh she shines
theres a church on the hill and she shines…
She’s old and she’s wise
like candy for the eyes
There’s a church on a hill and she shines….
Charlie  Ray was 94
last he went through that door….
but charlie isn’t walking anymore..
charlie  ray was 94
Last he went through that door
but Charlie isn’t talking anymore..
once we was riding him and me
and he wanted me to see
the place he went to hear the word of God..
Said all his friends and family
lay burried in tidy rows
out in the yard, ‘neith the sod…
he said this is where I was baptised
this is where i married Sarah Jane..
she was only seventeen
such a sweet and tiny thing
And this is where i said goodbye to Sara Jane..
This is where my children
sat every Sunday
Both of then lay nieth the Sod with Sara Jane..
said i gotta come back one last time
i hope the sun will shine..
as they lay me to rest at Saras side
when she comes to take me home
I’m counting on you and you alone..
bring me back through that door one last time
Yesterday we carried Charley
through that old door
One last time he went through that door..
As i told him goodbye
a Ray of light caught my eye
Shinning down on the wooden casket on the floor..
there’s a church up on a hill
and it shines …. it shines
there’s a church up on the hill
and it shines………

poem/lyric and picture by connetta jean…

~ by connetta on January 13, 2009.

One Response to “the Shinning”

  1. beautiful.. i think the middle part (mind me) is a bit lost. i loved the rhytem of the beggining. really good and so the ending part.

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