Back Road Time




I felt a need to clear my mind
and took a little “backroad time”
Where Nature speaks Her silent words
Alone with skies,the deer and birds..
The Gravel smelt of rain that fell
as Sunshine seemed to bid me well..
I walked for hours listening to
The Silence of drying dew…
Spring seemed to be starting to grow
Green moss and new grass said Hello..
The wind whisperd on a silent breeze
as i walked alone with Naked trees..
soon the fence line will be
a wall of leaves ( poision ivy…)
they say it travels in the wind
I hope today she stays my friend
Nothing better clears the mind
Like a little bit of Back Road time.

Picture and Poem by connetta jean…

~ by connetta on March 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Back Road Time”

  1. ‘backroad time’, great. bauatiful words, i could copy past the whole poem to show up the lines and words i like..

    ‘Where Nature speaks Her silent words’, ‘drying dew’ and Naked trees, i could point out more….
    wonderful to have you around here

  2. A good one Connie,and I could sure use some of that….C

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