Winter and Partys…


Old man winter
Has settled right in
I’ve already
had my fill of Him..
He’ll freeze your toes
and your nose if he can..
I’m ready for spring
i tell you, i am..
He don’t like the sun
Old Sol is no friend..
Jack Frost is the one
that party’s with him…

~ by connetta on March 14, 2009.

One Response to “Winter and Partys…”

  1. soon…. soon.. the spring will come
    allowing the flowers to grow towards the sun
    birds will sing again
    life will come back from the dead
    soon.. soon. the spring will come
    high mountain’s snow will melt
    flowing down to give us taste
    of life and of a fresh breathe
    soon.. sooo… the spring will come
    colours will join in and dance
    the bears will awake in their cave
    when the sun will again be brave

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