Flutterby, Butterfly.


One warm summer morning
in the bright morning light
A butterfly came to visit
as I stood in full sight…
she spread out her wings
drinking her fill..
as if she was posing
she stood very still…
At the sound of the click
of me taking my shot..
she fluttered around
and found a new spot.
She didn’t seem
to mind me being there
She seemed to be posing
on the warm summer air..

~ by connetta on June 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Flutterby, Butterfly.”

  1. i’m just down the road Megan…just down the road. 3o miles isn’t all that far these days….I will truly miss you too and will never have anouther neighbor like you…well, i don’t have any neighbors at all now…hopefuilly a good person will take over that old house, make it shine like i didn’t and be a wonderful friend for you…my heart will always be in NewLex.

  2. The other people on here feel so lucky to see your work, but I am so much luckier that they are because I get to know and love you! There is no way I can let you know how much you will be missed. You will be forever in my heart! Megan

  3. Stunning in beauty as you have captured beautifully within a delightful poem of such grace as we see.

  4. She knew you would share her beauty with us,that’s why she didn’t mind.Lovely picture and poem. Cheryl

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