“One More Time” by guest poet Cheryl.

The mother walked away,

with an exasperated smile,

She’d been trying to wean her daughters,

from the bottle for a while,

She said,”If you want to be big girls,

you must leave the bottle behind”,

The youngest said,”Tomorrow mom,

I need my bottle one more time”,

Years later in a treatment room,

with her brother of forty-two,

She listened as the Doctor said,

”Sir I have bad news for you”,

“To live you must let the bottle go,

and leave that life behind”,

Her brother spoke with a trembling voice,

”I need my bottle one more time”,

Sometimes we are weak,sometimes we are strong,

and most don’t understand,

There are times in life when weak or strong,

we all need a helping hand,

If we reached out more with love,

perhaps then we would find,

The strength to let ‘our’ bottles go,

and leave the pain behind.


this poem was written by  my good friend Cheryl, (Photo by me) to visit her blog and check out more of her poetry…go to “Whispers of the Day”  on my  my blog roll or try clicking my link posted here.


~ by connetta on November 19, 2009.

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