Dough Days of Winter…

Today I watched two little kids
While their Mama went to work..
At first they both was quiet
With the T.V. and a book.
But,Soon they  both cried out to me
“It’s such a cold and dreary day”
(Both claim to hate December
and wish they could go OUT and play.)
Well, me being  their  Grandma
The idea came to my mind
To make them “WANT” to be inside
And give them some quality time.
So I sat up the old card  table and
Put salt into a mixing bowl..
I knew i was right  on  track
When i heard  voices saying “Cool!”
Once i kneaded in the flour
(added  some  color too)
I got the cookie cutters and
Played  a hour ( more  like 2).
A little flour, salt and water
Can bless a childs creative side
Making  cold and dreary winter days
Great days to play inside.
By the time their mom gets home
We’ll have ornaments for their tree
And when  she smells the baking  clay
She’ll turn to smile at me…
For she remembers oh too well
her time with  bakers clay..
and smells will take her back in time
When she stayed inside to play..





poem and Bakers clay sculptures by connetta jean

Top Photos by terri jean photography


~ by connetta on December 2, 2009.

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