Womens Work..??

I truly think, us women got took
On whats considered “Womens Work”
Those jobs for Men are hard that’s true
But would he REALLY trade places with you?
It looks to me like some men saw
A Woman could do what he wouldn’t at all
So she got the kitchen with all of its chores
She cooked, she cleaned, she mopped up his floors.
And Some Men decided, a woman stay
Home with her children, and like it that way.
Didn’t she have enough to do right at home?
Her JOB was to obey and leave him alone.
It decided one fact was true
HE earned the money, what did she do?
Her children had children and us children saw
Women are people, with lives after all
So we got jobs and earn money too
But still do the work “A Woman should do”.
Now tell me the truth don’t it look to you
Like us women are doing what a man wouldn’t do?

~ by connetta on December 10, 2009.

One Response to “Womens Work..??”

  1. My wife’s family is full of union electricians. They have a term they throw about every now and then: “skirt work.” I have found that using it too freely can result in knots on the head. One must be very careful who is present when stating something is “skirt work.”

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