“I wish I had some money” 
confessed my child with broken heart..
“I saw some kids on t.v.
And I want to do my part”..
I dried her tears and whispered
Like a Mom will often do
into her ear, telling her
that Our prayers are  needed too..
I watched her as she bowed her head
And held her hands in prayer
Asking God to go and be
With the people “over there”
She said “Lord I will be extra good
So that I can share
The time that You spend with me
So you can go “over there”..
You can clean their water, give them food
And I think it’s only fair
That kids like me can be real good
So you can go “over there”
When she drifted of to sleep
I sat alone in prayer…
Thanking God he gave to me
A child willing to share..
Seems people feel that money is
all that we can give to help somewhere
But prayers are needed just as much,
For people “Over there”.
Over there could be a neighbor
A relative, a friend ,a foe…
Over there could be another country
And people we don’t know…
So if you don’t have money
There’s another way to give and share
And God is taking all the calls
That come by way of prayer for “Over there”….

~ by connetta on January 28, 2010.

One Response to ““OVER THERE”..”

  1. Beautiful one Connie, tells your heart and your prescious boys too. C[I’m at the library]

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