Dead Mans Curve..

As a kid I remember roads being small
The cars were  bigger no seatbelts at all
75 was the legal speed them days
So I learnt young to be a kid that prays.
Down on st route 13 there used to be
A curtain spot that always scarred me
Everyone knew about Dead mans curve..
where people slowed down and prepared to swerve.
I was happy the day when it closed down
And everyone took the long way around..

Then One day my Dad got us all in the car
And off we went going 75 miles per hour..
He didn’t slow down or prepare to swerve
And my prayer came trough for dead mans curve..
Now it’s long been gone and my family and me
cruse  55 buckled in and love to see 
That old brick house  that seemed to serve
As message to slow down for dead mans curve..

~ by connetta on March 10, 2010.

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