The Special Gift…..

“What do you want for Christmas?”
I asked the little one so small..
“I’ve tought a lot about it”
He said “As if shrugging off it all”..
“But Christmas is a magic time”
I said ( like Grandmas often do)
and he looked at me & quietly
Said ” I know what I’m giving You”.
Time went by and Christmas came
And we sat  around the Christmas tree
Everyone had passed out their gifts
As we opened them to see…
The one marked in Crayon stood
Out from all the rest..
I could tell he wrapped it up
Himself and did his best.
Inside was a paper that
had a picture just for me
A pretty stone & feather from
A bluebird’s dearie….
Ten pennies and a tiny heart
made from mud dried in the sun,
And a note to me in scribbles that
I asked he read  for everyone..
As he held the note  he Said
(in a voice that seemed so small)
This letter says “for grandma,
She’s the one who loves us all..
a pretty feather to mark her Bible
so, she can easily find her page…
A lucky stone  and Pennys for
Lots of good luck days..
A picture of her and me
Outside having fun
And a heart I made by  myself
Dried in the summer sun”…
Then he put down his paper as
his tears we all could see…..
“I wish i had a special gift for you”
Like the one you “bought” for me”
I told him how his gift ment more
to me ( Thanking God Above)
He spent a lot of time on mine
A  big box full of  Grandson Love..

~ by connetta on November 26, 2010.

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