The Longest Word..



Aunt Alice liked to give advice
throughout my childhood years
“Gossip is the longest word
She said “among your peers”
Don’t believe no ear awaits
a tale or two from you
and don’t be surprised if someone tries
to add a bit untrue.”
now Grandpa was a wise old man
who always spoke his mind
he told me once Aunt Alice was
not all that good and kind.
“listen very hard dear child”
He said “for time will show
there is in fact a longer word
Aunt Alice doesn’t know”
it took the most of many years
telling friends and foe
that when it came to gossip
I did not care to know.
the only one I trusted was
Aunt Alice all those years
and told her all the secrets of
my laughter and my tears.
I came to find Aunt Alice had
a lot of friends who knew
everything about me and
a lot was added too
although I trusted her she had
a friend she trusted too
and they in turn had their own
friend and so it grew.
I remembered grandpa’s words
and knew I’d come to see
how gossip falls a little short
when without loyalty
so listen very hard dear friends
for time will surely show
when one has not a loyal friend
gossip tends to grow..

~ by connetta on January 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Longest Word..”

  1. Love this picture. It reminds me of a fence covered with bittersweet at my Mom’s. Black walnuts got the best of that vine. Love the wisdom connected with your poetry.

  2. Homespun wisdom? How delightful, and so true.

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