2 Packs of flower seeds….


 Once my true love brought to me
two packs of flower seeds
and with them was a book upon,
a flower and it’s needs.
I thanked him for his gesture but,
reminded him I’ve tried
to keep alive some flowers and,
they whitherd and they died.
throughout the winter months i read
his book on flower needs
and took upon myself to plant,
two packs of flower seeds.
before the sun had warmed the earth
enough for life outside
i placed the plants in window sills
and kept each one alive.
i placed them in the soil when
the ground felt nice and warm
and sure enough before my eyes
their tiny buds took form.
every one was different from,
the other and too soon.
a cold day came as if to claim,
my flowers still in bloom.
Now of all the flowers later grown
none had as many weeds
as the garden planted with
two packs of flower seeds.
and i have yet to see a bud,
so grand before my eyes
as the one whose blossoms held,
my true loves sweet surprise.
the moral to my story friend,
as only time will show.
the biggest needs of tiny seeds,
is faith in them them to grow.


~ by connetta on January 16, 2011.

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  1. beautiful,connie ,,,,,,,,,,,,c

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