Down a country road
near a tiny Coal town
Called Whisper Hollow…
an old woman named Hattie
lives in a  house trailer
behind the pine trees..
Nineteen sixty-two
she bought it new…
owns all the land
as far as she can see…
had it mined  3 times
But this time
they restored the land.
460  acres
just outside town….
But, her trailer is not
what it may seem..
fourteen rooms
was built around it..
the trailer sits
deep inside the walls.
(It’s A hall way now they say)..
i’ve never been there..
or seen past the pine trees..
Talk at the rest home
is her daughters
have been
“checking things out..”
Looking around.
Her Son has been overheard
talking to contractors
about developing the land.
Hattie waits for darkness
and walks the road
watching sunsets
and shadows
Hearing the quiet,
Feeling the peace
Of living in her home
while she can…
wishing that someone
(just one of them)
would come to visit



~ by connetta on February 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “Hattie…”

  1. i loved this one, it made me warm up inside , how sweet

  2. Sometime, somewhere, we have all known a Hattie. It’s sad that they come to a lonely end while the family fights over the spoils. It is hard to feel sorry for the kids when they become estranged and hire lawyers to duke it out in court. They argue about what Hattie would have wanted, but never bothered to ask her while she was alive.

  3. Karen,
    as long as you respect me as the author of my work..you may use my poems in your newsletter anytime…..many thanks for your support.
    Connetta Jean

  4. What a remarkable folktale…If it’s all right with you I would like to include a link to this posting in my upcoming FolkHeart Press e-newsletter.
    Best, Karen
    http://www.folkheartpress.com, familyfolktales.blogspot.com

  5. Connetta,

    I am amazed at your photography. You are definitely a wonder with the camera. I love these. They are more lovely than the beautiful calendars of scenery that people give for Christmas. I think you should make a book of them if you haven’t already done it.


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