The Spell…..




Today Father time
called old man winter
said “Son, it’s time
you moved  on…
See Mother nature
Is on me about you
& when she’s riled up
she stirs up a storm.”
he said” she’s my Old lady
so i’m thinking maybe
Your buddy Jack Frost
could pop in for a visit.
Cause she’s got a few
chores for him..
& things are changing..
Her friend Spring
wants to vist again
and Jack loves to court her.
Now , winter is A stubbern fellow,
&  he likes to take spells
during March &  April
he pops in on a  whim..
Old Jack is his rival
and  they’re both in  denial
That Spring puts a spell over them..

~ by connetta on February 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Spell…..”

  1. i had the same feeling.. winter, don’t want to go away.. so i moved myself into the warmer place and be back again when spring show up

  2. You made me smile and I needed that. c

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