Boys & Summer Vacation…….

“Is summer going to leave?” he asked
as if whispering to himself (not me)
“I hoped to do a lot of things
while I’m out of school and free”
With a smile I said “let’s play
A game (Just you and I)
We’ll take a walk with summer and
We’ll hear Summer if we try..”
 He seemed so wise for eight  years old
And soon was lost in play
Finding all the “Little things”
Saying “summers going away”
We had a jar and paper bag
As we laughed in the warm August sun
Collecting bugs and leaves and things
That said “Summers almost done”
Once home he told his daddy that
We brought back evidence to show
That summer told him today
Soon off to school he’d go…
butterflies with broken wings
Danced with Grasshoppers in the jar
as he explained to Daddy that
It ment Autumn wasn’t very far..
He brought his leaves out one by one
That He’d found upon the ground
And said that soon we’d wake up and
All the others would be falling down.
As i tucked him in bed he bowed his head
thanking God for a perfect summer day
then he said a special prayer
That summer wouldn’t go away

~ by connetta on August 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Boys & Summer Vacation…….”

  1. Connie, I apologize for being so late in replying. This is a beautiful poem of growing up. It has just been so long since your last post, I thought quit writing. It’s great to have you back. I’m in the middle of something right now, but I’ll be back to catch up. Missed you.

  2. I remember that feeling. Wishing summer would never end. Until just before school, and then i would look forward to a brand new year, with new clothes and pencils and blank notebooks.

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