A Farmers Child…

I say it proud, i say it loud
I’m  blessed to be A Farmers Child.
Being Taught to see life the way
A farmer sees it every day.
Early to bed, early to rise.
Makes a child healthy, happy and wise.

It’s best to Make  hay in the bright sunshine..
Cloths smell  best  dried  on a old cloths line.

I loved Riding the tractor on  daddy’s lap
making rows that really looked like crap.
The smell of  the earth of ground first plowed
Naming baby cows  and feeling so proud

Yes, I’m proud to say I’m a farmers child
who rode in  A old Ford  truck bed  with a croud….

Preserving  a garden of home-grown treats
Of potatoes , berrys, corn, beans and beets
I learnt from example that History repeats..
and still love the smell of  line dried  sheets.

We reap what we sow, & depend on the Sun…
A Farmers work is NEVER done..


~ by connetta on September 7, 2011.

One Response to “A Farmers Child…”

  1. Still amazinggggggggggg!!!!!!

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