Today,I paused  to rest by a pond
it was such a peaceful day
and I  listend to the chatter of
all Nature had to say….
“I’m sheding my leaves”
said the bush to the tree…
“My leaves will be bright red
just wait and you’ll see”
“My leaves will be golden”
said the tall tree with pride…
“”Too soon I’ll stand Naked
i’ll have nothing to hide”..
“you’ll fertile our soil”
said the flowers below
“Your leaves will mulch us
and protect us from snow”
“I’ll be back in the spring”
said the Robin with glee
to the squirrel’s who were busy
collecting nuts from a tree…
“I’ll soon be frozen”
said the pond to them all
“it will be months and months”
“until the spring thaw”
” And I’ll miss all of you
coming here for a drink”
( Listening to Nature
sure made me think)…
I watched the birds
as they gathered up seeds
and knew that one purpose
of fall was those weeds..
i watched the squirrel’s
waiting for nuts to fall,
and knew that this season
was to harvest it all……
Yes, winter will follow
But Nature needs Her rest,
through spring and summer
she gave us her best..

Picture and poem by connetta

~ by connetta on September 17, 2011.

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