Leaves..don’t ya just love them?



Last year i had a yard of trees
with lots and lots of leaves
the city said don’t burn them
compost and bag them please.
so i raked and baged up 40 bags
and i built a compost bin
i piled the leaves up six foot high
till i couldn’t put more in
i put mulch around my flowers
my shrubs and roses too
Hey, if you need mulch just let me know
i’ll rake you a bag or two.
one thing is for certian
i’ve had my fill of leaves
by autum of next year there’ll be
one less yard of trees.

all  poems and pictures on this blog are by connetta jean.

~ by connetta on September 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Leaves..don’t ya just love them?”

  1. that’s excellent… and the leaves too!!

    slán go foill

  2. Peter,
    i wrote this one back in 1995…a old friend this poem is..I’d say that in the poem i’m saying i’m gonna cut them all down..but i promice, i wouldn’t do that..I love trees and leaves…

  3. that’s really sweet. i love it. I ope you weren’t insinuating that a chainsaw was going to be the newest purchase!

    keep it up

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