Searching for Summer..


Something told me to go
to the field on the hill…
to make sure that summer
was all  silent and still.
I was searching for something
in the weeds tall and brown
but  sighns  of summer
could  not to be found..
 Autumn had fallen
and jack Frost made sure
He finished off summer
(he got rid of her)…’
So  i sat on the hillside
just watching the trees..
they seemed to dance naked
as they swayed in the breeze..
and i know it sounds crazy
but i swear that it’s no lie..
I  thought heard  Mother Nature
telling Autumn  goodbye.
then she whisperd softly
to snow flakes in the sky….
As if she was telling
Old man Winter hi..


~ by connetta on November 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “Searching for Summer..”

  1. Connie, How you doing? Long time no hear! Thanks for leaving me a comment! I really enjoyed the Autumn Leaves post! Great job as usual! Hope all is well, I left you a comment regarding losing your parents on my post! Hope to talk again soon! Have a great week! Mona

  2. that was a good poem..

  3. Hi Connie,
    I really like this little poem – it has such sweetness. And I love the photo – but the next one, of the church!

    Also, here’s my pasted circular-announcement

    Post: ‘Artistic inspiration and the universal Unconscious: early thoughts’. I know it involves YOU! Please, if you have a moment, drop in at and add your wisdom to our store!

  4. Summer is definitely nothing but a memory. The photo is perfect for this time of year. BTW, I have tagged you so expect some new visitors. Its about Seven Weird or Random facts about YOU. And you can read about it on my weblog The Seeded Earth. Have a great day.

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