The Vote…

When it gets cold and icy
Foggy with snow and sleet..
Winter has no mercey on 
Our hands or nose and feet..
The old man has a motive
And he works for Father Time
Once winter is upon us
There won’t be much sunshine..
All the lakes and ponds are frozen
The scene  is black and white..
Cabin fever settles in
(It’s not a happy sight).
I don’t like winter
Winter ain’t my cup of tea
Cause that old man partys harty
Bringing cold and mysery…
If I could I’d  change things
Put the Old man down
I’d tell Summer Spring and Autumn
Not to let Winter hang around..
I’d go to Mother Nature
To meet with Father Time
And tell them we all voted
And we don’t like Wintertime..
They can Give it to Alaska,
Take  it south to the pole..
Put it anywhere they want to
( anyplace but here is cool).
I don’t like Winter
Winter ain’t my cup of tea..
when the old man partys harty
It  Don’t do anything for me..

~ by connetta on December 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Vote…”

  1. This is totally beautiful. The art and the poem. Add my vote to the pot. I too have no desire to see winter, and wish the other seasons, would over power him, and keep him out.

  2. ha ha ha , i so agree, its not my cup of Tea !. well done

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