Once i awoke within a dream.
to find that peace had come.
All the world had freedom.
there was not one evil done.
Every war had ended,
and hunger was no  more.
life had so much meaning,
when, it never did before.
Yet, I was the only one.
left upon this earth
for death had come to everyone,
who would not give peace birth
i saw about myself no sign
of modern mortal men
yet i remembered yesterday
and how the world had been.
I screamed a God to tell me why.
Oh why He did not hold
peace within the hearts of men,
treasured more than gold?
“it was then i heard a silent voice,
come from it seemed the sky
“if everything were perfect.
one would not need to try
there shall be the hungry ones
as well as those quite full
there shall be the loving hearts
as well as those quite cruel
there shall be the fortunate
as well as those in need
peace won’t come till everyone
plants a peacefull seed.
it was then i asked the silent voice
to tell me one by one
where had been the peaceful seeds
to plant by everyone?
the voice became a whisper
then it quivered than it cried
search your heart and soul each day
for they are there inside
if everyone quite fortunate
helped out just one in need
the full would feed the hungry
but that’s just one peaceful seed
i awoke from that dream to find ,

some follow some shall lead
but one thing that we all can do
is plant that peacefull seed.

poetry and picture by connetta jean

~ by connetta on January 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “SEEDS…..”

  1. Enjoyed this one, especially the concept of ‘peaceful seeds’. It’s what the world and humans need.

  2. I like the poem, beautifully composed, vivid imagery. Congratulations, I invite you to visit

  3. Poetic importance and enhanced with that of a beautiful photo.

    You capture in words, what many would wish to say.

  4. This is one of my favorite of your poems Connie,very beautiful and heart touching,that is what poetry is all about.. c

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