Hunted Things….


As I stood beneath
the tall trees
I saw an old deer stand
hidden from view…
where footprints
of hunters
can not be seen
across the fields.
a pond sits behind me
cold and inviting..
soon the hoof prints
that seem to stroll
across the white field
will cease to be.
someone will be waiting
unlike me
his shots will capture
a life
not a moment…


~ by connetta on December 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Hunted Things….”

  1. Although winter has been popping in around here..This picture is from last winter. the poem is days old…today & yestrday was in the 60’s here…Snowed last friday..the weather is weird.
    i agree with you both. It would be best to wear Orange if you go into the woods..( i do not trust strange people in the woods walking around with guns,shooting at things )…Actuallywe should avoid the woods this time of be safe.
    and I agree that winter is a time when we have to show ourself what we’re made of. and prove to ourself that we can make it till spring….

  2. Beautiful snow! We have grey streets here, and short days too – it’s the time of year when you somehow have to prove (if only to yourself) that you can handle it.

  3. I’m wearing an orange vest in the wooded areas so they don’t mistake me for a deer!

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