Farmers & Heaven

“Do Farmers farm in Heaven?”
My young son asked me, so sad..
So many times he’d ridden on
The tractor with my Dad..
“Sure they do”, I told him as
His eyes turned to the sky.
“God gives us all a job to do
In Heaven when we die”.
“But, what do Farmers plant up there?”
He asked , so sure that I would know..
So I said “come sit, let’s talk a bit”
“about what farmers in Heaven grow..”
I told how there was so much food
with  fields of flowers everywhere,
And how a farmer like his Grandpa
Was really needed there..
Then  his eyes turned  towards the window
At the tractor by the barn
And he said( as if I didn’t know)
“But he forgot his tractor Mom”
I smiled and tickled him a bit
Saying “Grandpa knows that too….
Heaven  has a lot of tractors so..
He left his here for you.”

Connetta Jean

~ by connetta on December 7, 2012.

11 Responses to “Farmers & Heaven”

  1. This is a such a touching poem. Brings tears to my eyes. My son never met my dad. Cancer took him from us 10 years ago. We are putting a tribute in the local paper and would like your permission to use this poem.

  2. Jean, your poem is a beautiful tribute to farmers. My husband’s father, a fourth generation farmer, just passed. Could we use your poem on the service program? The family has a picture of him on a tractor and your poem would be a beautiful finish to the page. You will be given credit as the author if you allow this request. Janelle

  3. Janet
    I’d be honered that you use my poem . I too loved my grandpa.

  4. I also love your poem. My grandfather only has days left to live. He is 94 years old and has been a farmer all of his life. The family was looking for something to put in a program at his funeral and this would be great. Can I use your poem? I will make sure I put you as the author.

  5. i was wondering how do you know how to write such a beautiful poem……….
    cause for class i cant even start one…so how do you do it?

  6. Very nice vidps3atxvipx

  7. Peggy
    Yes you may use my poem. as long as you credit me for it….i’d be Proud to do this, i have written manymany poems in the past remembering peoples loved ones..

  8. I love your poem reference Farmers in Heaven. I am wanting to put a little piece in our small town paper remembering my Dad who was killed in a farm accident 30 years ago. Would you ever allow your poem to be quoted for that purpose. My Dad farmed the family homestead and was third generation on that farm.

  9. Conetta,

    How true that is! No money can be made. Nothing is free! I am so glad that you made a good connection with the person in California. I would love to hear some of your music! Thanks for replying! Mona

  10. beautiful Connie, C

  11. Oh, I enjoyed your story! Aren’t children wonderful! You gave him such a good reply! Your awesome! I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Mona

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