Still Standing…


So graceful she stands
on a hill all alone
a Once Upon time
house called a home..
her doors are open
windows long without glass
But to me this old house still
has a whole lot of class….
the paint on her walls
long ago lost their shine..
but they still hold the sounds
she’s heard in her time..
they’ll go down with her
someday when she falls..
And she’ll take along with her
the floors with the walls.
her windows still capture
the sight others saw..
they hold the reasons
why she still doesn’t fall..
her floors are not sturdy
in places I found
There’s only one stairway
That is still safe and sound..
But, the old porch carved
By strong loving hands
Says a lot about reasons
of why she still stands…

picture and poem by connetta

~ by connetta on December 7, 2012.

One Response to “Still Standing…”

  1. I live in a place in the world still called country. There are several old houses, like the one I grew up in, that was the childhood home of my grandfather and, later the home to him and my grandmother, that are still standing, yet decaying. There are several others around what used to be te old community, places I used to frequent, that are falling into ruin.

    This poem has taken me to a place I’ve always been, but still like to visit now and again.

    Loved it.


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