Close Your Eyes And Whisper…



“This world is such a mess” she said
as i tucked her into bed
and visions of depression was
inside her tiny head.
so we closed our eyes and whisperd
as we so often do
asking God to color peace
a bold red white and blue.
there’s too much talk of war i thought
as i kissed my child goodnight
“don’t believe all that you hear”
i said, turning out the light.
then i closed my eyes and whisperd
as one so often will
asking God to mark with stripes
all who shalt not kill.
“She’ll be okay” her father said
when i told him of our prayer
“prayers won’t change the hearts of men”
he said, “or make them care”
then he closed his eyes and whisperd
as one so often should
asking God to let a star
shine brightly so they would.
picture and poem by Connetta Jean

~ by connetta on December 8, 2012.

One Response to “Close Your Eyes And Whisper…”

  1. Until a time when men and women lay down arms, let us honor the men and women who keep freedom’s bell ringing.


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